Muisku in English

Muisku ’20 is a summer camp organized by Partiokannus (Vantaa area scouts and guides). It is held in Padasjoki Finland July 27th – August 4th 2021.
If you need help regarding international participation or registration, you can contact Ella-Maria Räsänen (

How to register for the camp

Registration will begin in March 2021.

MUISKU’20 terms and conditions for international guests

Terms and conditions can be read here.

Camp rules

  1. Everyone will be treated appropriately and respectfully.
  2. Bullying is strictly prohibited; this applies also to social media.
  3. Possession and use of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicants is prohibited.
  4. Starting an open fire without permission is prohibited.
  5. Leaving the camp premises without permission is prohibited
  6. All participants commit to report to an adult if they come across something suspicious or inappropriate to camp
  7. All participants must treat camp’s and troop’s belongings respectfully. If not, participant is liable to pay for damages and the reimbursements may be charged after the camp.
  8. All participants must respect the nature and the camp site.
  9. Swimming is only allowed with a swimming partner at the indicated places.
  10. All participants must at all times wear the camp ID tag and camp neckerchief.